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Private Detective Services
Post Employee Investigation Services

Star Detective Services is one amongst the best Pre employee Verification services provider that|during which|within which} there square measure variety of labor which wants expertise and also the experience during this field. Pre employee Verification services mainly works once the connection of {the worker|the worker} within the workplace and that we square measure primarily starts the investigation from the initial company wherever that employee has been worked and once that Star Detective Services starts the investigation.

Post Employee Investigation Service

Our agency collects the evidences once abundant enquires and these evidences primarily include address, Phone records, certificates, license etc.

As Detectives agency has several branches everywhere the India such as in Hyderabad, non-public detectives in Kolkata, Mumbai, urban center and plenty of a lot of.

For the Post worker Verification services our main shibboleth is catch the fish of the fraud and for this we are able to extend our investigation and these is as a result of we've the target to provide the right results to our shoppers.


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